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Just Like Us can be ordered from The Tattered CoverAmazon, or Barnes and Noble. You can also order Just Like Us from Quaker Books.

Just Like Us tells the story of four young Mexican-American women who have lived in the United States since childhood.  The book recounts six years in the lives of the four close friends, delving deep into their social circle, and also examines the politics that surround the issue of immigration.

The story opens on the eve of the girls’ senior prom in Denver, Colorado. All four young women have grown up in the United States, all have performed strongly in high school, and all want to make it into college, but only two possess legal status. Meanwhile, after a Mexican immigrant shoots and kills a local police officer, Colorado becomes a place where national arguments over immigration rage fiercely. As the girls’ lives play out against this backdrop of intense debate over whether they have any right to live in this country, readers gain insight into both the power players and the most vulnerable members of society as they grapple with understanding one of the most complicated social issues of our times. Moving, timely, and passionately told, Just Like Us is a riveting story about girlhood, friendship, identity, and survival.